Monday, March 11, 2013

3/11 Last Trip to White House Yields Buffalo Nickel

For the past week I have been searching a property in Provo that I got permission to hunt. The owner said that they would never metal detect it so it was good to go. On my first hunt, I found a beautiful 1893-S Barber dime which makes it my second oldest coin ever. Value in it's condition is only about $10.

 The last hunt paid off well with three wheat from 1919, 1939, and 1950 and a Buffalo Nickel from 1928! This year has started off really good. In all of last year I only found 2 coins in 1800's, 3 Indian Pennies, and 2 Buffalo Nickels. This year I already have 2 coins in 1800's, 1 Indian, and 1 Buffalo.

 Total finds at the White House was 63 items. $2.32 in clad, 9 wheats, 1 buffalo, 1 barber, and 1 tax token. I get asked a lot of how much things are worth so to give you an idea the total value amount of all old coins found at this location is $20.24 which is not completely accurate since I am basing it off of averaged circulated value and some are too beat up to make that. Total sight value would be $22.56.

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