Monday, March 18, 2013

3/16 House on 700 North In Provo Produces Oldest Coin Ever!

The weather has been really nice and has allowed me to get out there. Last week I was metal detecting a tree strip when the owner of a house came out to talk to me. I explained to him what I do and he gave me permission to search his yard. The yard was dirt which the owner plans on putting some grass in this spring. It was a perfect time to search it. The house was built in 1916 so I was hoping for a few silver coins but didn't find any. I came up with my oldest coin ever! 1889 Indian came up and I was pretty excited about it. The yard has a ton of nails and old rusted iron but I was able to pull out some good finds using my 2 tone ferrous program.

As you can see by the picture, I found a lot of clad coins and a ton of nails hoping for the rare silver coins. The pocket knife was found right next to two wheat pennies. My guess is that someone empty their pockets and never came back from it. Total finds from Saturday are 71 coins in total, 1889 Indian and 8 wheat pennies. $2.29 in regular coins.

The 1889 Indian is worth $4-12 in it's condition. The 8 wheat pennies are from 1917-S, 5-1919, 1936, 1952. Total value of the wheat are around $4. Pretty good hunt in my book!

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