Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/27 More Wheats But No Silver

This last weekend I woke to a couple of inches of fresh Utah powder. It was not the sight I wanted to see for my Saturday but finally in the afternoon, the sun came out and melted the snow. Since time was limited I headed back to the house where I found the 1889 Indian. The yard is all dirt at the moment as the owner is preparing to put in a new yard later this spring. I was really hoping for some silver coins since I had found so many wheat pennies from early 1911-1920's. I didn't come away with much and no silver once again.

The finds included a total of 27 coins. I didn't realize it but I found 7 more wheat pennies which brings my total to 15 wheats for the sight. Three interesting finds:
  1. Small bracelet which the inscription "Nina" on it. It looked gold at first but I don't think gold turns green
  2. Small token which is my 4th of this kind. Doing research on it shows it was used in old arcades for prizes or under ground gambling.
  3. The most interest find was a small what I think is a Chinese coin about the size of a dime. If anyone knows what it says please let me know.
Special thanks to the owner for letting me search the property. The 1915 house paid out my oldest coin ever and for that I am grateful!


  1. A 1 Cash coin from the reign of Chinese Emperor Xuan Tong. Here is a link that talks about the same coin:'s-coins-and-stamps-Tracey-Woodward's-collection/